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2018 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences - Peter Walter, PhD

We are delighted to share the news that Peter Walter, PhD, professor and Howard Hughes Investigator in the School of Medicine Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, has received a 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences. This award recognizes him for "elucidating the unfolded protein response, a cellular quality-control system that detects disease-causing unfolded proteins and directs cells to take corrective measures."


IAMSE Recognizes Tracy Fulton for the 2017 IAMSE Master Teacher Award

The formal presentation of the Master Teacher award will be made this year during the opening ceremony of our 21st Annual Meeting, Saturday evening June 10, 2017 in Burlington, VT. Congratulations, Tracy!


Bruce Alberts receives 2016 Lasker~Koshland Award

We share the Chancellor's excitement in announcing the news that Bruce Alberts, PhD, UCSF Chancellor's Leadership Chair in Biochemistry and Biophysics for Science and Education, has received the 2016-Lasker~Koshland Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science. One of the highest honors in biomedicine, this award is given every two years by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation. More...



Robin Allshire, University of Edinburgh
Probing Establishment & Maintenance of Specialised Chromatin Domains
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Elizabeth Villa, USCD
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